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Effective from March 1,2019 if you want Class 1 MELT (commercial truck) driver’s license you will need to complete mandatory training before taking your road test. The Mandatory entry-level training will include at least 113 hours of instructional time and cover the entry-level knowledge and skills needed to safely operate a large truck on Alberta’s roads.


  1. Be at least 18 years of age, and
  2. Hold an Alberta non-probationary driver’s licence.
  3. It is strongly recommended for participants to complete a successful medical assessment through a physician or nurse practitioner prior to participating in the MELT program. Medical forms are available from a registry


  • Students of our program will gain the skills required to obtain a commercial driver position within the transportation sector.
  • Competent drivers must know not only how to operate the particular class of equipment to which they have been assigned but also be aware of hazards associated with the work they have been asked to do They will be able to operate equipment in a manner that protects both their own safety and the safety of others in their workplace.
  • General safety inspection and maintenance
  • Hours of service (Logbook), Map Reading, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Handling of Cargo, Trip Planning, Tractor-Trailer Driver Handbook/Workbook, reviewing & final testing.
  • As In-Cab check, progressive shifting, clutch brakes, double-clutching, break-checks, road driving, safe turns and lane positioning, city and outside city driving, merging, Truck familiarization, under-hood inspection, pre-trip inspection on truck and trailer, post-trip inspection, coupling and uncoupling, backing, strategies for confined spaces.
  • Vigilance Training (Operators and those working near equipment)
  • Supervision of Site Fundamentals


Our course is 5 weeks in length consisting of 113 hours of training:

  • 40.5 hrs of classroom instruction
  • 39 hrs of ONE-ON-ONE driving (Driving can be done anytime Monday to Sunday)
  • 15.5 hrs in yard (Pre-Trip)
  • 18 hrs off Road (parking)


Further to course completion students will be awarded the TRACTOR TRAILER DRIVER M.E.L.T. Driver Training Certificate


Regular attendance in all aspects of training is essential for learner success because skill development and safety requirements build progressively from day to day. Excused absences for any reason do not relieve a learner of the responsibility to complete course work required by the course outline and instructor.


Assessment of the student’s attendance, work ethic, professionalism, and the ability to work safely. Any additional individual attributes will be noted.


Failure to comply with safety standards as outlined by the instructor may result in withdrawal from the course.

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Best experience I have in this school the instructor of this school is excellent Bikram and Raj paji are best teacher I ever had because of them I get my class 1 license in first try only. These guys are very experienced and they know how taught a student. And they give one on one training. The best truck driving school in Calgary I can say.

Shamu Sharma

The best driving academy for Class 1 (Melt) & class 3 in Calgary. Both instructors, Bicky & Rajpal are well experienced and professional in their profession. Specially, teaching air brakes, pre-trip instructions are instructed individually. …It is the top ranking truck driving school in calgary.

Shivam Aggarwal

I’m really thankful of my both instructors Vicky and Rajpal. Because of their hard work and dedication I got my class 1 license today. They treated me like their younger brother and taught me real skills that gonna help me in my whole trucking career.

Navjot Mann

Wildrose academy driving school is best place to go for your license. Bikramjit and Rajpal are great instructors very friendly and helpful made the whole process of training very smoothly.

Gagandeep Rakkar

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